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National Restaurant Designers


We are Focused on Crafting Amazing Restaurant Experiences

We are passionate about and proficient in restaurant design. We work hand-in-hand to create one-of-a-kind structures for the restaurant industry.

Restaurant Design Experts in the USA

National Restaurant Designers is one of the most experienced restaurant-specific architectural and engineering firms in the nation. We bring over 150 years of successful experience among those on our team. We have designed restaurants in 48 states. We support our clients through construction administration, offering support to the contractors through the construction process. Every inch of a restaurant is important, that’s why we build to minimize waste and maximize space and product workflow. We are empathetic to our client’s objectives and we demonstrate a deep understanding of how to bring them to life. Schedule a consultation and let’s start a conversation about the restaurant you envision.

Our Diverse Array of Restaurant Clients

Our architecture engineering experience spans from fast food to formal, fine-dining restaurants. NRD has relationships and can introduce companies that have National Accounts which provide dependable supply and lower costs. Your needs are unique. We have the experience.

How We Begin the Process

We enjoy getting to know you and your business so we can effectively design for your current and changing needs. Our goals in meeting with you initially involves identifying the scope of work, discussing the process of design and construction, and understanding the project goals and budgets. With this information, we will begin to outline a path forward and steps needed to complete the project.

Bringing the Design to Life

Our process continues with the client seeing the vision of his concept come alive in a drawing or rendering. We outline the restaurant design that follows your recommendations. We mock-up the interior and exterior layout of the eating facility. Detailed designs are brought to life through digital technology to make modern, life-like renderings. The interior and exterior are designed to show what it could look like. We explain the process and keep you informed every step of the way.

Meeting Budget & Permit Requirements

We are meticulous in our details of your design. Designing with aesthetics and efficiency while focusing on budget limitations as well as the design standards of the municipality. Research into the municipality’s design requirements on the front end of your design ensures a more expedient review process for permit. Having done projects all over the country we are adept at the plan review process. This makes for an effective review and permit approval process saving time and money.

A Sample of Projects by National Restaurant Designers

Our unique niche of restaurant design has enabled us to become industry leaders in kitchen design and equipment layout, and experts in kitchen engineering for plumbing, mechanical, and electrical. Browse our portfolio to see how we’ve implemented our expertise.

LMHT Careers

It’s been said that if you love what you do, you won’t work a day in your life. Because that describes us, we welcome anyone who feels the same about your work to apply.


We strive for lasting quality in our projects, so your project is successful today, tomorrow, and beyond. We strive for excellent and timeless work for our clients. View our latest projects and other LMHT news.

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