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Our firm is made up of passionate individuals who absolutely love what we do — and it’s obvious from the moment you meet us. Our Architects, Engineers, and Designers have been continuously designing successful projects since 1978. Our belief is that if we focus on contributing to the success of your projects, that effort will foster success within our firm.

We operate nationally, licensed in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Our corporate office is headquartered in Research Triangle in North Carolina.

Our Values

  • Every person is born with a God given purpose that extends beyond serving themselves.  Every construction project is born from a vision that extends from the client’s core purpose.  LMHT’s service directly addresses that purpose.
  • Our desire is to be highly revered by our client long after the completion of their project by helping them successfully materialize some of their highest personal goals.
  • We believe that following these principles will yield client satisfaction, employee motivation and fulfillment of individual career purpose which yields overall success of the company.
LMHT Old Office

Our Principles

  • 1st Principle – We listen to our client and apply our expertise and unique design process to accomplish their goals on their behalf through ethical business relationships.
  • 2nd Principle – We hire only the best personnel that exhibit high qualities of charter and technical proficiency.
  • 3rd Principle – Our company will continually provide a desirable influence on the development of our personnel to enhance their work performance and ethics through example, training and work environment. By communicating appropriate responsibility and accountability, this process will continue until professional potential is realized and they master their chosen field. This is best demonstrated through quality designs that survive scrutiny, exceed client expectations over time, and reflect environmental stewardship.

A History of LMHT

In 1978, Oscar Lehmann moved to Greensboro with the plan to open a pizza restaurant. While he never did open the restaurant, he stayed in the area, continuing to make personal pizzas for his family. Near the same time, Lee Mehler and his wife, Francine, moved to Greensboro, NC. For Lee to complete the Architectural Master’s program at North Carolina State University. After graduation, he met and partnered with Oscar to create LM Associates: a small Architectural firm focused on commercial shopping centers, retail and university work.

The Evolution of Our Firm

In 1986 Tony Hirst joined the firm bringing his restaurant design experience. Tony expanded the client base as the firm began to focus on the restaurant sector. Tony became a partner in 1991 and the name changed to LMH. After graduating with a Masters in Engineering in 1991, Ray Thornton came on board and founded the Engineering department. The combination of in-house A/E resulted in significant company growth over the next several years. What started with Ray being the only engineer has a full engineering team of Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers. This set the precedent for more growth enabling LMHT to be a full-service A&E firm.

Ray Thornton became a partner in 1996. As LMH grew into LMHT Associates, Paige Wood joined the firm in 2002 and has been a key facilitator in that growth with his restaurant experience, rising to Associate level within the firm. Since becoming CEO of LMHT in 2004, Ray has led the way focusing on client satisfaction, employee expertise and innovation. LMHT continues to grow and diversify in industries that make for a promising future.


Organizations & Charities We Help

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