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The Yard

Ready to fulfill your sweet tooth? Need a treat to cool you down in the heat? Guaranteed to bring everyone to The Yard, these milkshakes are the next level! A new location of The Yard Milkshake Bar is about to hit Downtown Raleigh, providing over-the-top milkshakes, seven days a week, in the area that is now being dubbed the dessert Mecca of Raleigh. With over 20 locations throughout the United States, The Yard is set to open in Seaboard Station at the start of Fall.

Recently, we sat down with Briana and Roger Kornegay, the newest owners of The Yard, and spoke with them about working with LMHT to achieve their goal of creating one of the coolest new places in town. While new to The Yard, Briana and Roger are no strangers to the foodie industry, with their social media presence upwards of 98k on raleighfoodtrap .

In approaching this new endeavor, the Kornegays had an idea of the types of designers they wanted to work with. They knew they wanted an architecture firm that was based in Raleigh and on top of current restaurant design. After meeting Grey Isley and the team, choosing LMHT was a “no-brainer”. They immediately liked how our team was “personable and able to connect with them to understand the needs of the business”. Due to us having plumbing, electrical and mechanical engineers within the office too, they believed LMHT was a “huge selling point” in the decision of who to work with because everyone was in house.

We first began working with Briana and Roger in March of 2023 in their quest to fulfill their dream of being owners of a “foodie heaven”. Roger wanted the design of the Seaboard Station location of The Yard to be a “journey that influenced the customers mind and decision making”. With this in mind, the 1,700 square foot space has been carefully designed by LMHT to balance his vision, budget, and image of the brand. Roger acknowledges this can be difficult to balance and sometimes a challenge to put all the business needs and wants into a space,but he believes that “the team working on the project have done an incredible job of creating a space that works for us”. He feels that the space will serve their needs and welcome customers to a new experience of desserts, especially as they grasp the custom milk-shake shaped door handle welcoming them into the store.

Briana and Roger’s entrepreneurial endeavor is not over just yet though. They look forward to growing the brand with more locations, and will take this experience with them. When asked for one piece of advice they would give to other aspiring brand owners when selecting an architect, Roger replied that they believe “working with an architecture firm and employees that are reachable, personable, and supportive of you and your brand is one of the most important things when selecting design firms to work with”.

LMHT is proud to be a part of Briana and Roger’s creation of their dream space. Stay tuned as construction will be starting soon, with The Yard set to open this Fall. As much as we love design, we also love the construction process which brings our creation and clients’ vision to life, so you can plan on seeing updates as we make some visits to the site (even if it is just an excuse to play with Brianna and Roger’s two wonderful boys). We will keep you apprised of opening day, as our staff plans to be first in line to support this great family as they bring this wonderful business to our City!

Find out more about The Yard Raleigh through LMHT, raleighfoodtrap, and The Yard Milkshake Bar .

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