NC State 2023 Blockfest

NC State 2023 Blockfest

At LMHT, we welcome the opportunity to come alongside students who want to further their professional experience in our field. Cherise has been an incredible addition to our team, and we value her contributions to the office. Recently, she has participated in well-known competition at State University for Architecture students called the Block Fest which was hosted by our very own Dr. Grey Isley. Here is what she had to say:

“This year at NCMA’s blockfest, my group and I participated in the block creation portion of the competition. Through our participation, we were better able to understand the connection between design, creation, and implementation of masonry. Before the competition, we had the privilege of touring Adam’s Products Company, through which we were able to glean significant insight into the inner workings of masonry production as well as inspiration for our block shape and assembly. We learned about the many features that make a block desirable aesthetically and functionally. With this information, we were able to make a masonry unit with alternating raised and lowered portions to create multiple different shapes which were emphasized by the sun and shadows it creates. We also designed the block so that the unit had the proper thickness for structural support, angled surface extrusions so that water wouldn’t catch and create further problems, and that the size was within production capabilities as we had seen on our Adam’s site visit.

We were also able to observe the other team’s block creations and watch the dry stack teams compete. The former gave more insight into how our block could be improved if we had more iterations, and the latter showed a new variety of ways in which our design could be implemented in construction and full-scale designs. Both of these are very important and gave us many takeaways from the competition that we can continue to use throughout our careers.”

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